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Phishing.org.uk is a cyber security awareness training project developed by Keepnet Labs. We protect people from phishing and other email attacks. Our cybersecurity solutions and tools help you effectively block and respond to today’s biggest email security threats. Using our platform, you are able to prevent email threats, including malware, phishing, and ransomware, and other social engineering methods

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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our information security awareness training is an education process that helps employees to learn about cybersecurity, its best practices, and also regulatory compliance. Our cyber security awareness program includes a variety of security-related topics with different contents such as animated videos, award-winning serious games, cartoons, interactive HTML5 and other assets that fastens the learning process.

Phishing Simulation

Test Employees' Security Awareness using our Phishing Simulation. It is possible to launch customizable phishing simulations as an effective way to evaluate and test your employees' cyber security awareness and their vulnerability against phishing attacks and other email threats like social engineering, spear-phishing, baiting, Business email compromise and ransomware attacks.

Email Threat Simulation

Test your email security. Stop email attacks, including malware, phishing, BEC, and also misconfigurations or client-side attack. Using our Email Threat Simulation, you are able to generate email attacks including ransomware, browser exploits, malicious code and attachments and file format exploits to the test mailbox and check their vulnerability status.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our cyber threat intelligence platform hosts information about threats and the latest threat actors. It is integrated with third-party technologies that provide open source intelligence, social media intelligence, and intelligence from the deep and dark web. We scan the web, searching for signals and data that may be a breach to your data security.

Incident Response

Malicious emails can have phishing links and malicious attachments that can be used after delivery. Our automated Incident Response technology enables you to analyze emails and contain malicious or unwanted emails, after delivery, and the process of reporting, analyzing, and containing potentially malicious emails are executed just in minutes.

Threat Sharing

Join our Threat Sharing Community to have the latest information on malicious emails. Threat Sharing technology acts as an early warning network for all participants and helps to start an inbox level incident reporting, investigation, and response giving users maximum agility against email threats.

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Barney Smith

“Thanks to Phishing.org.uk, we were able to conduct phishing simulations as an effective way to test and train our employees”

Barney Smith
Rex Watson

“Using phishing.org.uk, we got the best cyber security awareness training with multiple options. We are more resilient against social engineering tactics, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.”

Rex Watson
Cassie Ventura

“Great and effective product. Easy use and navigate. Also, I can easily track our employees progress using Phishing.org.uk”

Cassie Ventura

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