Threat Intelligence

Cyber ​​threat intelligence helps organizations at any level to determine the risks that attackers potentially can use.  Threat intelligence data is collected and analyzed information about current and potential risks that can pose a risk and threaten the security of an organization or entity. Our threat intelligence prevents data leaks and, in particular, saves your brand reputation. Our threat intelligence detects the threats that posing a risk to the institutions.

Our data intelligence sources:

  • Open-source intelligence providers
  • Human Intelligence
  • Our Threat Sharing Platform
  • Monitoring, Measuring, and Tracking potential data Intelligence
  • Communication and Electronic intelligence from affinities

Data Leakage Intelligence

Threat Intelligence scans well-known hacking and data-breach websites to detect any information related to your intellectual property rights.

Intelligence on Social Networking Websites

We watch social networking websites like Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, Facebook to detect any potential data breach or a possible cyber threat on your domain. 

Dark Web Data Intelligence

Dark Web Data Intelligence – We make researches on famous Tor sites and IRC channels to find any data breach related to your organization to start a quick response and prevent further breaches.

Brand Watch Tool

Our brand tool passively monitors customers your online presence for an anomaly or defacement. 

Black List Monitoring

We regularly check your IP address or domain name whether is blacklisted or if it is a member of a botnet. We provide regular intelligence data about your IP / Domain reputation.

Phishing Website Intelligence

We dig the Internet and watch for any phishing websites that created to imitate your brand to lure your own clients.