Phishing Simulation Service

Phishing Simulation Service

Phishing Simulator  & Security Awareness Training –  It’s important to understand which of your employees are vulnerable to phishing attacks.  Our simulated phishing tests help you to understand your organizations’ real phishing vulnerability.

Today,  social engineering attacks are increasing and becoming more complex. The human is considered as the weakest of your security chain. Using our Phishing Simulation tool, you can easily start simulated phishing tests to evaluate your employees’ security awareness and vulnerability level. Our tool helps you to generate your own groups and you can any of your groups using a simulated phishing attack.   Also, using our reporting feature you can monitor and track your employees during simulated phishing attacks and create an effective cybersecurity awareness program.

Create Custom Groups

You can easily create custom groups by using  Microsoft Active Directory integration, LDAP. and create your own target groups for simulated phishing tests.

Phishing Template Library

We have more than 800 phishing email templates in 10 languages. You can also easily generate your own phishing email templates

URL Cloning Feature

You are able to copy any URL and customize it to use it for your simulated phishing attacks.

Integration with Learning Management Systems

You can easily integrate our phishing test service with your existing learning managements system and easily assign training to the weak assets within your company

Works on Mobile Phones

No installation, no sign-in required for your users. You can basically assign simulated phishing tests to your users and they can engage with it using their mobile devices.

Simulate any attack

Simulate link-based, attachment-based, and data-entry based phishing attacks to help your users identify different types of phishing attacks.