Phishing Incident Response

Incident ResponseIncident Response – When phishing attacks bypass border protection mechanisms such as anti-spam and sandbox technologies, you depend on your employees to report them. Any your team manually deals with the issue subsequently, make analysis, investigation, containment, and so on.

This routine can lead your security team to waste valuable time as threats can already start to damage. Our Incident Response tool expedites phishing email analysis, investigation, and response automatically and rapidly, like in 2-3 minutes, and removes the threats faster.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

One-Click Reporting

Users are able to report suspicious emails with one click which triggers the incident response automation,  analysis, investigation, containment. This process quickens time to detect and respond to phishing attacks.

Integrating With Your Security

Incident response provides both built-in and API-level capabilities to integrate into your security technologies, like firewalls, secure email gateways, and etc.

Phishing Email Analysis

Our Incident Response work with well-known analysis services and you are able to add new analysis engineers from the platform. Also, you have the option of which analysis engine you would like to use or add your own service.

Phishing Email Investigation

And with the Automation feature, once an attack is identified as malicious after analysis, a quick and reliable phishing threat hunting process starts which scans the whole inboxes belonging to related domain. Moreover,  future threats can be automatically blocked in this way.

Rule and Automation

Time matters when responding to cyber attacks and automated tools play a vital role in responding to cyber attacks quickly. Our incident Response has rule and automation features that help to analyze, identify, and contain the phishing attacks.

Phishing Reporter

Our Incident Response is fully integrated with our Phish Reporter Button which allows to report suspicious email with one click and start automated incident response process.