Cyber Security Awareness Training

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What is cybersecurity awareness training?

Humans are the weakest link in your security chain, however, they have a major role in security.  The most practical way to protect your company is to train your employees on how to identify and report cyber attacks through cybersecurity awareness training. Untrained and negligent users can expose your valuable data to the criminals.

cyber security awareness training

Cyber cecurity awareness training bestows your users the information they need to protect your business. You need a a security awareness training program that employ phishing simulation or simulated phishing test and cyber security awareness contents that teach users how to identify and report cyber attacksthat posing a great danger to email security like phishing, spear phishing, whaling, baiting, BEC, ransomware, malware, social engineering and attacks.

Technology will never protect you from getting hacked, since bad actors target your employees. However, cyber security awareness training solutions can help you to turn your employees into cyber aware agents who successfully identify and  and report cyber attacks immediately and protect your organisation.

Serious Games

Our Award-Winning gamed-based security awareness training designed to develop learner’s skill in detecting and eliminating the latest online/cyber threats.

Hollywood Story-Telling Videos

3 – 4 minute Hollywood style storytelling security awareness training videos to train employees. Today global companies are using our animation videos.

Security Awareness Training from Different Providers

We present a training library from animated videos to serious games or HTML5 interactive training developed by industry-leading security content developers.

One-Click Reporting

It is easy to monitor users’ engagement and progress with one-click reporting.

Supporting Awareness Process

Our training team helps organisations on planning, deploying, and managing the security awareness awareness programs

Changing Behaviour

Our security awareness training content is customizable and ensures that your users are engaged during the security training.