What Is Threat Intelligence and What Does It Provide?
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What Is Threat Intelligence and What Does It Provide?

Today, all companies, regardless of the sector, benefit from digital technologies. Thanks to digital technologies, companies can now automate most of their jobs and move quickly. This situation has led to an economic and cultural revolution all over the world in almost every field. But digital technologies also make companies vulnerable to cyberattacks. In recent years, most companies have been using threat intelligence to mitigate the impact of cyberattacks. So what is threat intelligence and what does it provide?

Threat intelligence is a general name given to tools, research results, or actions that provide you with any cyber information about risks that you are currently facing or may arise in the future. Intelligence allows you to understand which hacker groups or attackers are targeting you, what they are aiming for, and what they can do. You can also control your systems before an attack occurs and make them ready for cyberattacks. In other words, you can use the intelligence you get against the cyberattack or threat in question. As a result, thanks to threat intelligence, companies can ensure their security more consciously with data-based analysis. But why is intelligence so important?

The Importance of Leveraging Threat Intelligence

What Is Threat Intelligence and What Does It Provide
What Is Threat Intelligence and What Does It Provide

Threat intelligence:

  • saves time.
  • gathers contextual information.
  • is solution-oriented.
  • easy to understand.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, companies have become vulnerable to cyberattacks with automation. Also, over the years, hackers have become more persistent and cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated. That’s why cybersecurity providers also face more challenges. In addition to the attacks that take place, a large number of false alarms and unqualified employees also make the job of security experts difficult.

Some companies use data feed tools to combat these challenges. However, the information they obtain from these tools is often not clear. The data do not show companies what to prioritize, and experts need to spend a lot of time analyzing them.

Using cyber threat intelligence can be the solution to many of these problems. Intelligence offers you the ability to automate data collection and processing. In this way, you can integrate data with solutions. Threat intelligence uses machine learning to take raw data from many different areas, extract them and make them useful. All you have to do is review the report, which includes information on protection techniques and procedures.

Who Can Use Threat Intelligence?

Threat intelligence is a tool that can be used by employees of all levels, ie everyone. Even elite analysts use and see cyber threat intelligence as a viable tool. Threat intelligence is beneficial for companies of all industries and sizes. However, if you use threat intelligence as a support and not a basic tool, it will not benefit you much. To get full efficiency from intelligence, you must make the data available to everyone in the company.

Threat intelligence is especially important for security teams. Security teams alone do not have the opportunity to process all data. That’s why threat intelligence can make their job so much easier. You can integrate the data you receive from intelligence with the cybersecurity programs and anti-phishing solutions you use. You can also automatically prioritize risks and easily filter them. Threat intelligence provides you with unique information about hacker groups, the tactics used by these groups or individuals, and the techniques and methods they frequently use in phishing attacks. In this way, you will have the chance to deal quickly and effectively with the most important attack vectors of interest to your company.

What to Do?

What Is Threat Intelligence and What Does It Provide
What Is Threat Intelligence and What Does It Provide

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