Cybersecurity Videos Against Social Engineering
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Cybersecurity Videos Against Social Engineering

One of the tactics that hackers have used frequently in recent years is social engineering. In 2020, the number of attacks using social engineering increased significantly. There is a serious increase in such phishing attacks in the first quarter of 2021. Companies are doing their best to prevent the rise in social engineering attacks, but hackers continue to improve. Therefore, simple training is not enough to raise awareness of employees anymore. That’s why experts recommend cybersecurity videos against social engineering. In this article, we will give you information about video training. Let’s take a look at what social engineering is before moving on to the training.

Cybersecurity Videos Against Social Engineering: What is Social Engineering?

Cybersecurity Videos Against Social Engineering
Cybersecurity Videos Against Social Engineering

A social engineering attack is when hackers try to manipulate users to achieve their goals. The most popular method they use for this purpose is deception. They try to deceive or manipulate users to obtain their confidential or personal information. In doing so, they often come up with false reasons. For these reasons, hackers need to persuade people to do things they normally don’t do, such as handing over their sensitive information to a stranger.

Among the most common methods used by hackers in social engineering attacks are acting as an authorized person, acting like a familiar person, threatening, and making interesting offers.

Frequently Used Methods Against Social Engineering

Companies often use tools such as spam filters against these types of phishing attacks. Although filtering and similar technical tools help protect, some of the attacks can be missed. Therefore, another line of defence is required. In this line of defence, people, that is, employees, are generally involved. So if you want to defend your company effectively against social engineering attacks, you should provide your employees with the necessary training. Videos are indispensable for training against social engineering. Since the videos contain short and clear information, they can train your employees without boring them.

With social engineering security videos, you can provide your employees with introductory level information, advanced training and case studies. These types of videos are perfect for team meetings or for digital screens. You can attach videos to your presentations, send them as email attachments or upload them to your partner company network. In your videos, you can include how hackers use social engineering to pass filters and deceive employees. This helps your employees gain basic cyber awareness and an understanding of social engineering in the company. That’s why it’s the easiest step you can take to improve employee awareness. Provide your employees with the basics they need to know with social engineering security videos.

Cybersecurity Videos Against Social Engineering: What Other Tools Can You Use?

Cybersecurity Videos Against Social Engineering
Cybersecurity Videos Against Social Engineering
  1. Phishing Simulator:

 Phishing simulations are a proven method for employees to gain cyber awareness. With our simulator, you can understand current user trends and regularly update your tests. Our phishing simulator has an extensive and customizable library of hundreds of phishing templates. Simulation results provide you with serious information about your company. You can get advanced reports on the level and interaction of each user.

  1. Incident Response:

Incident Response allows your employees to report suspicious emails with a single click. Our team analyzes the header, body, file attachments, and links of these reported emails. According to the result, our Incident Response tool creates various attack signatures to create an alarm or block active security devices. Try our incident response tool to fight against phishing attacks that bypass your traditional security systems and reach your mailbox!