4 Reasons For Using Incident Response
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4 Reasons For Using Incident Response

Many new methods of defense against phishing have been developed in recent years. One of the tools we hear the most frequently is the incident response tool. This cybersecurity tool is already a favorite of many companies. But some companies still haven’t taken action to use incident response. Therefore, in this article, we will give you information about 4 reasons for using incident response.

Using the anti-phishing incident response tool allows you to check a suspicious situation in real-time. As a result, it helps you to do expert analysis quickly. So, if your employees do not know what to do, they can automatically notify e-mails. Still not sure about using Incident Response tools?

Here are 4 Reasons for Using Incident Response:

4 Reasons For Using Incident Response
4 Reasons For Using Incident Response

1. Incident Response tools protect you against risks that your anti-phishing protection devices cannot detect.

The most important feature of incident response tools is to protect you against risks that your anti-phishing devices cannot detect. Email and network security technologies companies currently use may not detect some of the new attack vectors. At this point, users come into play. Suspicious emails reported by your employees can save lives. In this way, our experts can monitor emails at any time and instantly detect dangerous emails falling into your employees’ inbox.

2. With the Incident Response tool, you can be ready 24/7 against threats.

As the Incident Response tool automatically analyzes the email sent by your employees, it can respond to threats day or night. This way, suspicious emails are detected instantly, regardless of when they were sent. Our advanced resources and the expert team then examine you in-depth by email and inform you about the risk you are facing. The report also advises you on various measures you should take.

3. Incident Response tool allows you to respond to attacks automatically.

We use automated user feedback in our Incident Response tool. Also, we provide you with information about the threat you are facing with the API integration of its data. Our Incident Response device works at multiple levels simultaneously, allowing you to automate your response to hackers’ email phishing attacks.

4. Using our Incident Response device, you can leave the work to the experts and relax.

Thanks to our expert team and advanced intervention system, we provide you with a high level of protection. We evaluate the risks you may encounter in the digital environment and prepare detailed reports on your behalf. We analyze many aspects of phishing attacks and inform you of the areas you need to prioritize in terms of cybersecurity. All you have to do is review the report and take the necessary precautions.

4 Reasons to Use Incident Response: What Can You Do In Addition?

Experts say it is not possible for phishing incident response devices to protect against phishing alone. That’s why we recommend that you use Threat Sharing in addition to Incident Response.

What is Threat Sharing?

4 Reasons For Using Incident Response
4 Reasons For Using Incident Response

Threat Sharing is a threat intelligence sharing platform that we use to respond rapidly to cyber attacks and improve defense mechanisms. Your employees can share their information/intelligence about attacks on this platform. In this way, you can gather critical information about potential threat activity.