Best Email Security Tools You Can Use in 2021
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Best Email Security Tools You Can Use in 2021

As of 2020, experts have determined the best email security tools you can use in 2021 after long research. Hundreds of tools offered by nearly 100 cybersecurity companies were examined in the studies. Experts analyzed the tools and examined the services offered by these tools. We have compiled the features and security tools that emerged as a result of these reviews for you.

Here are the best email security tools you can use in 2021, especially for small businesses and companies that will build their security from scratch:

Before moving on to the best email security tools you can use in 2021, we would like to brief you on the features that have emerged in the evaluation. Email security has become a common concern of all companies today. Along with working remotely, everyone runs their business through e-mail communication, which makes companies vulnerable to attacks. Hackers often try to infiltrate your computers using malware and viruses. For this, they use phishing attacks. In phishing attempts, they often target e-mail communications. This means that companies that do not care about email security are constantly at risk of phishing attacks. But do not worry, with the acceleration of cybersecurity developments, e-mail security is also improving. Studies reveal a few essential features of email security tools. Here are the most important features of the best email security tools you can use in 2021:

The Most Important Features Of The Best Email Security Tools You Can Use in 2021:


1. Compatibility

Email security tools are here to keep you safe at the end of the day. Therefore, security tools should work in harmony with your current storage applications, communication channels, and other software. In other words, it should be integrated with all your tools.

2. Email Security Features

Email security tools can work in a variety of ways. Generally, such tools combine different security features. In other words, e-mail security tools protect your systems by using both anti-spam, antivirus, and encryption at the same time. The best email security tools should also have all of these features.

3. Reporting Tools

Another indispensable feature of e-mail security tools is reporting tools. The security tool should not only prevent suspicious emails but should also provide a detailed report of the e-mails blocked and the actions taken. In this way, companies can evaluate the performance of the email security tool, and also take more precautions against the risks encountered.

Now that we’ve talked about the most important features of email security tools, now it’s time to talk about the security tools revealed in the research.

Best Email Security Tools You Can Use in 2021


1. Email Gap Analysis:

Email Gap Analysis detects the risks faced by your email services and targets your services with various simulations. It uses simulation logic to mimic attack vectors that could target your company. In this way, it regularly tests your technological investments (such as firewalls, anti-spam, and anti-virus).

2. Incident Response:

Suspicious emails can reach your inbox bypassing even the best email security tools. One of the best tools you can use to protect against malware is Incident Response tools. The Incident Response tool allows you to report suspicious messages that your email security tools could not detect. With this tool, your employees can report suspicious emails with one click. The reported e-mail is sent to us for title, body, and additional analysis. After reviewing the email sent to us, we present the result in detail.