Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021
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 Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021

Hackers have used various methods to fool users. One of them is to imitate the website of a famous and trusted company and allow the user to log in to this site. The other is to infiltrate computers using a malicious attachment or software. Also, the most common tool hackers use to trap you in phishing attacks is fake emails. Hackers can increase their attacks, especially in times of crisis. That’s why most of the malware leaks in the past year were due to phishing emails. So how can we protect ourselves this year, with attacks growing and increasing this much? Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021:

Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021: Purpose of Phishing Attacks

Hackers can aim at a variety of things in phishing attacks. Nowadays, we also encounter attacks that aim at more than one thing. So what is the purpose of these attacks, i.e., phishing?

1.Using ransomware to cause service interruptions and request money to correct the interruption

2. Capturing sensitive information, soliciting money for it, or selling it on the dark web

3. To change the company’s data in such a way that they cannot be detected.

Whatever the purpose, phishing attacks cause financial and moral damage to companies. In such attacks, hackers will likely capture the important secrets of the company. This causes the reputation of the company to be damaged.

Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021: Most Common Phishing Techniques

Hackers who have organized simple and easy to predict attacks in the past years have greatly improved their attacks in the last few years. They started to use more advanced methods in every attack. Phishing emails, in particular, have become very convincing. So what were the most common phishing methods we encountered last year? Let’s see.

 Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021
Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021

1. Whaling: In whaling attacks, hackers target senior executives instead of ordinary employees. The goal of hackers in these types of attacks is to make more money.

2. Fake Emails: As mentioned above, this is one of the most common hackers’ methods. Hackers examine the emails of famous companies and deceive users with emails that look very similar. These types of emails often contain a malicious attachment or link.

3. Spear Phishing: In spear phishing, i.e., spear-phishing attacks, hackers choose a specific person or group as a victim, not random people. They write phishing emails in accordance with this person or group. This way, the target believes the email is trustworthy.

So as these hackers develop their attacks every day, what should we do to protect ourselves? First of all, our approach to cybersecurity needs to change and expand in 2021. We must protect our company and ourselves with the best and most effective measures. That’s why we’ve compiled for you the best measures you can use against phishing in 2021.

Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021

Do not be fooled by offers or gifts, and remind your employees to do so.

Employees can often be vulnerable to offers that are too good to be true. Hackers are aware of this and try to deceive users with such gifts and offers. When faced with such an offer, question the legitimacy of the offer. Do not quickly click on a link or attachment in the email and be constantly on the alert.

Benefit from Encrypted E-mails in Internal Communication.

Hackers examine conversations between employees and try to imitate them. If you want to prevent them from accessing these conversations, you can encrypt your emails. In this way, hackers will not be able to make the e-mails they use in their attack authentic.

Use Multifactor Authentication (MFA) on Both Your Company and Your Personal Account.

Multifactor Authentication is the nightmare of hackers. If you use multi-factor authentication, hackers will not be able to get into your account, even if they get your username and password. With this method, you can prevent data theft to a great extent.

Instill Cyber ​​Security Awareness to Your Employees. 

One of the most trusted anti-phishing measures in recent years is cybersecurity awareness training. This training aims to increase the cybersecurity awareness of your employees. Our Cyber ​​Security Awareness Trainer also works for this purpose and helps you plan your trainings easily. Working in integration with our phishing simulation tool, our tool effectively creates cybersecurity awareness among employees. You can visit our site for more information.

Let Your Employees Easily Notify Emails with Incident Response Tools.

You can provide reporting support to your employees by using our incident response tool. In addition to being user-friendly, our tool also helps remove fake emails from your employees’ inbox. Your employees can also report e-mails that security guards cannot detect with a single click and forward them to the security team.

 Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021
Best Anti-Phishing Measures in 2021

Follow Current Developments.

If you want to be protected from phishing attacks, you have to keep up with the ever-evolving cyber world. Even if your employees have a high level of cyber awareness, they may not notice new types of attacks. That’s why you should keep your employees up to date with the latest attacks. Your employees can easily follow trends through our blog. As, we follow the most up-to-date events and present them to you in detail.