Gamified Anti-Phishing Cybersecurity Training
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Gamified Anti-Phishing Cybersecurity Training

Increasing phishing attacks today worries everyone. Moreover, these cyberattacks are getting more diverse and developing day by day. Hackers plan amazing phishing attacks every day, combining creativity and innovation. People naturally fall prey to this new and advanced phishing attack. On the other hand, users have to innovate in this area and use their creativity against phishing. Creativity is particularly important when it comes to cybersecurity. Since most cybersecurity training is technical and boring, it does not affect users. That’s why we recommend gamified cybersecurity training to you. So, how can gamified anti-phishing cybersecurity training be used?

Most phishing attacks are the result of human mistakes. That’s why it is necessary to train users to prevent phishing. Especially the mistakes of company employees can cost companies a lot. For this reason, most companies need to take their cybersecurity training seriously and provide the necessary training to their employees.

Cybersecurity training, which was initially passed over with presentations, information, and tests, are increasingly losing their effect today. That’s why cybersecurity training should adapt to our times. Companies should try new methods that will attract the attention of their employees and increase the effect of training. For this, the most effective method companies can apply is to make training fun and plan exercises that will remain in the minds of employees instead of explaining past phishing attacks. This is exactly where gamified cybersecurity training comes into play.


How Does Gamified Anti-Phishing Cybersecurity Training Work?

Gamified Anti-Phishing Cybersecurity Training
Gamified Anti-Phishing Cybersecurity Training

Gamified cybersecurity training is very effective compared to informing as they instill a sense of duty and encourage participation. In other words, turning education into a game enables learning while having fun, and helps the behavior to be better memorized. According to studies, users are more interested in the subject and more motivated in interactive and entertaining training. They learn faster by trying the subject themselves, rather than receiving training from someone.

When talking about gamified cybersecurity training, the first method that comes to mind is phishing simulations. With this method, you can test employees using a simulated phishing attack, instead of giving examples of past phishing attacks.

Another method is to organize prize-winning exercises or competitions. This method is very effective as it triggers a sense of competition among employees. Employees who collect enough points as a result of the exercises earn certain rewards. These awards also help motivate employees to complete the training successfully. According to research, when this method is used, 8 out of 10 employees become knowledgeable in terms of cybersecurity.

Additionally, updates and rankings showing how many points they need to collect for prizes can also be used with this method. Since the competitive environment will increase learning, even more, the effect of cybersecurity training will also increase.


How Effective Is Anti-Phishing Gamified Cybersecurity Training?

In recent years, many companies have integrated gamified cybersecurity training into their programs and started to see the results. According to this, the employees are satisfied as they see the results, beyond just having fun. According to experts, the risk of users falling victim to phishing attacks decreased by 10% in the last year. In other words, while the risk ratio decreases by one to two percent in normal, this training reduces the risk ratio by ten percent. Because most attacks are caused by using a weak password, phishing, or malware. These are all user errors. When users are trained, such risks are minimized.

Another important detail is the level of cybersecurity awareness of administrators. The mistakes caused by the employees cause serious material damages, in such a case, the managers are obliged to save the company from damage. Managers are the people who need to plan and make quick decisions against possible attacks. Therefore, people working in managerial positions should also receive the necessary training. The training that these people should receive should be more comprehensive than the employees. Managers can determine the company’s anti-phishing strategies only with qualified training.


What Should the Gamified Anti-Phishing Cybersecurity Training be Supported?

After giving your employees the necessary training, it is also very important to use tools to help them in possible attack situations. That’s why we will talk about two of our important tools in this article.

Gamified Anti-Phishing Cybersecurity Training
Gamified Anti-Phishing Cybersecurity Training

1. Incident Response

Our Incident Response tool has been designed to minimize the user experience. With this tool, your employees can report suspicious emails with one click, making it easier to respond to early threats. For more information, you can visit our site.

2. Threat Intelligence

Our Threat Intelligence tool helps analyze risks that could affect our organization. Using this tool, you can find out whether your personal information is available on frequently used sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, and if found, you can take the necessary measures.