The Essentials of Effective Cybersecurity Planning
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The Essentials of Effective Cybersecurity Planning

Despite all the measures taken, hackers continue their phishing attacks by increasing their speed. Data breaches caused companies to brood. So why can’t the security measures taken prevent attacks? What are the essentials of effective cybersecurity planning?

What Are The Essentials of Effective Cybersecurity Planning?

The Essentials of Effective Cybersecurity Planning
The Essentials of Effective Cybersecurity Planning

Today, all companies have to take precautions against attacks due to cybersecurity rules. Companies are now taking advantage of a host of cybersecurity products to protect their data, internet connections, and intellectual property. But despite these high-end products they use, companies cannot prevent attacks. Malware, ransomware, phishing attacks cause damage to thousands of companies every day.

The biggest underlying factor in this failure is that companies use cybersecurity measures only to comply with the rules. In other words, most companies implement these measures on paper, but from the inside, it cannot be said that the products are used effectively. To fix this, companies need to create an effective cybersecurity plan.

According to the reports announced in 2020, it has been determined that cyberattacks and viruses can resist cybersecurity measures in recent years. Accordingly, ransomware and phishing attacks increase by almost seventy percent. The banking sector was the sector most exposed to attacks. The attacks are said to peak, especially in the spring months.

Since the coronavirus outbreak began in March 2020, so many usernames and passwords have been compromised that millions of dollars have been made from selling them on the dark web. The number of attacks on Wi-Fi networks has almost tripled. This has put companies under threat in a way that has never been seen before. Also, the number of these attacks increased with the transition to the remote working system.

Fighting these phishing attacks has now become more difficult than ever. While dealing with possible threats, many companies have started to experience alert intensity. It is difficult to understand which attack is real and which is false. This means that the job of IT professionals will get harder. So, how should security teams create their cybersecurity plans against these attacks?

The Essentials of Effective Cybersecurity Planning:

The Essentials of Effective Cybersecurity Planning
The Essentials of Effective Cybersecurity Planning

Increasıng the number of your IT staff for a stronger defense against attacks!

At least 10 qualified employees are required to establish and implement a proper cybersecurity plan. It is also essential that your company has interdepartmental staff to support them. Many companies keep their IT department quite small as they are still unconscious about cybersecurity training. But nowadays, it is vital to defend your company against risks. If you can’t grow your IT team, you can get help from security companies to ensure your company’s cybersecurity.

Providing safe public Wi-Fi networks to your employees!

One reason for the attacks that increase with remote working is that employees work by connecting to unsecured networks. If there is no secure network that your employees can connect to, it’s your job to provide them with secure options. With a secure VPN application, you can support your employees and enable them to do their private and business tasks on separate networks. You can use personalized passwords or multi-factor authentication methods to make your public network more secure.

Quickly repairing your damaged networks or websites!

As well as detecting attacks, the steps taken afterward are also critical. To prevent attacks from happening again, you should quickly identify your company’s weak points and prioritize repairing them. In this process, it is also essential to examine and report attacks on weak spots. You can use our Email Gap Analysis tool for this. Our Email Gap Analysis tool detects damaged structures in your company and informs you of the necessary reporting in detail.

Increasing the awareness of your employees about cybersecurity and providing them with the necessary training!

The most effective step you can take in cybersecurity is to train your employees. Trained and conscious employees can help protect your company against all types of cyberattacks. But this requires effective and detailed training. With our Cyber Security Training tool, you can arrange appropriate training for your employees and create your plan according to your company’s field. Besides, our Security training tool works with our Phishing Simulation tool to help your employees constantly test themselves.