How to Avoid Attacks in ‘The New Normal’
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How to Avoid Attacks in ‘The New Normal’

Due to Covid-19, the working structure of most companies has undergone radical changes. With the quarantine, the remote working system was introduced in several companies. In countries where the quarantine practice has ended, employees still have difficulty returning to the office. Employees demand the opportunity to work from home, even if the office has started. Increasing demands seem to force companies’ IT infrastructure to adapt. Hackers identify the vulnerabilities of companies that do not adapt their IT infrastructure to the new order and plan their attacks accordingly. As a result, the number of cyberattacks is reaching alarming levels. Because of this, people are started questioning how to avoid attacks in ‘the new normal’.

How to Avoid Attacks in 'The New Normal'
How to Avoid Attacks in ‘The New Normal’

One of the reasons for the phishing attacks is that employees who work from home start using unsafe software and devices. Also, the increased level of anxiety due to the virus has made employees more prone to carelessness. The attackers took advantage of these weak points and increased their attacks. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to such attacks. Because in such companies, IT infrastructure is not given much importance, old tools that are not suitable for the “new normal” are used.

So, How To Avoid Attacks In The ‘New Normal’?

The smallest measure you will take in the ‘new normal’ period will increase your strength against phishing attacks. Not only in this critical period but also under normal conditions, your work in the field of cybersecurity will make serious contributions to your company’s working structure. It is necessary to show the importance we show for our health during the pandemic period for the cyber health of our company. For this, we need to use the best cybersecurity tools to prevent attackers from infiltrating your system.

Here are Tips on How to Avoid Attacks in ‘The New Normal’:

How to Avoid Attacks in 'The New Normal'
How to Avoid Attacks in ‘The New Normal’
  • Make sure the browser you are using is working properly.

You can get attacked even on the most popular sites. This can be via an advertisement, a button, or a video. To minimize these types of attacks, always have ad-blocking applications in your browser. Do not turn off your ad blocker for any site unless necessary. These applications will block malicious content on websites and minimize the possibility of an attack.

  • Make sure your ports are secure.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) has begun to be used in most companies that switched to home working systems due to the virus. These types of connections are also very vulnerable to attacks since they are connected to the internet. To prevent attacks, a continuous port analysis should be done, and information leakage should be checked. You can use our Email Gap Analysis tool to prevent ransomware and phishing attacks. Email Gap Analysis tool operates as an email vulnerability scanner. The tool also analyzes misconfigured emails and checks if there is any detection software that is not working properly.

  • Fix bugs in your system immediately or disable them.

Experts say that small and medium-sized companies’ biggest problem is that they don’t care about fixing errors in their systems. Most of the damaged structures in such enterprises are not repaired after being detected. These damaged structures cause 75 percent of the attacks. After the problem is detected, it is vital to follow up and use software to deal with the repair phase. Besides, if the damage is such that it cannot be solved, it is necessary to deactivate the damaged structure without wasting any time. You can use our Incident Response tool to prevent this. With this tool, you can report malicious behavior immediately and we will follow the process for you.

  • Take precautions against phishing and e-mail attacks.

Ensuring the safety of the company and its employees became even more difficult during the remote working. Especially when employees are stressed and careless due to the virus, it is almost impossible to prevent them from making mistakes. For this, you need to train your employees and make applications to increase your company’s security awareness. This is the only way to ensure that employees know email attachments, files, and SMS that may contain malicious scripts. You can use our Cyber Security Awareness Training to ensure that your employees are aware of the possible threats. With proper security training, you can educate your employees with interactive programs, and additional tools like videos, games to support the program.

While nothing provides 100 percent protection, these tips will definitely increase your strength against attacks. Also, following the latest cybersecurity developments and applying them as much as you can is the best measure you can take to protect against attacks.