3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI
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3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI

Recently, the increase in the use of artificial intelligence in cyber attacks has started to cause panic in everyone. Attackers create new software using machine learning to hijack personal accounts or hide their identity. IT experts strongly warn users about this software. At a recent cybersecurity summit, renowned IT experts unveiled three methods attackers use in this type of attack. Here are 3 reasons why hackers use AI in cyberattacks.

In the session of the summit on “Artificial Intelligence and Cyber ​​Security“, very detailed information was given on the subject. According to experts, hackers often use artificial intelligence to evade the authorities, hide their traces, and circumvent the measures taken against phishing attacks. Another expert says that when it comes to cybersecurity, people will always be needed to take action and fend off new types of phishing attacks. According to him, artificial intelligence can only be used as a supplement to the human brain.

So how do attackers take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Here are 3 reasons why hackers use AI in cyberattacks:

3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI
3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI

3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI: Generative Adversarial Networks

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs is )the first of the 3 reasons why hackers use AI in cyberattacks. These are networks that are placed so that they can challenge each other. One of the networks simulates the content, while the other analyzes the problematic features of the first network. Working together and against each other, they try to create content that can be considered error-free.

Attackers use this model to create models that look exactly like the models used, to make their attacks go unnoticed, or to find the information they want to obtain. This method tremendously shortens the attack time. This way, they can sneak into the device and take whatever they want without the attack being noticed. It is even said that attacks can become automatic with this method.

In addition, the areas where this method can be used is quite wide. Areas such as decrypting users, manipulating the face recognition system are just a few of them. According to a study, this method is much more successful in cracking passwords than similar methods. Attackers can also create malware with this method.

3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI: bot Manıpulatıon

The next method is to trick bots. In this method, the attackers deceive the bots to make the wrong decision. Attackers work on known patterns and analyze them. So they study very well in their classes. After learning the structure of the model thoroughly, they start using their knowledge in planning their attacks.

This method is not actually a new method, but as technology advances, bots are also developing. So they become usable for both good and bad purposes.

3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI: Data Poisoning

Data poisoning is the last on our list of 3 reasons why hackers use AI. Attackers manipulate the machine learning models currently used in this method for their own purposes. In other words, they ensure that the model on the target device works incorrectly. For example, they manipulate a model that labels suspicious emails as spam and make it work the other way around. As a result, the model marks malicious emails as safe.

Data poisoning works in two ways. The first targets the areas where the machine learning mechanism is used. The second aims at the integrity of the model. According to experts, even minor data poisoning can cause huge damage. The attacker uses backdoors to infiltrate the system. In this method, the attacker changes the algorithm by adding a part of the model. It classifies this attachment containing malicious data as harmless. This way the attacker reduces the risk of failure. Experts say that if you don’t notice these add-ons, they can leak into other models.

To prevent this, we need certain rules and laws to ensure data security. For this purpose, the authorities started to work on national guidelines on the use of artificial intelligence in the field of data security and cybersecurity

What To Do Against These 3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI?

3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI
3 Reasons Why Hackers Use AI

1. Use Incident Response Tools to Respond to AI Attacks With Artificial Intelligence!

Incidence Response tools work as an early warning. You can send suspicious e-mails to us using this tool. Emails you sent are carefully checked for malicious behavior. We check the header, the content, and the spelling for anything suspicious. Also, we use spam control to mark suspicious e-mails as spam. This feature works integrated with anti-spam services. Then, we check the body of the message for URL reputation. If there is malicious content, we report it to you. One primary feature of this tool is that when detecting suspicious content, we use artificial intelligence. This way we are able to fight AI attacks using their tools.

2. Educate Your Employees With Cyber Security awareness tools.

Education is essential for any type of protection. But when it comes to cyber threats, we can say that it’s crucial to the prevention of attacks. Our Awareness Trainer helps you create long-term and proactive training and awareness plans. It also supports you with resources such as tips, posters, and screensavers suitable for these themes to support these year-round training plans that you have prepared.