Approach to Completely Solve Phishing Attacks
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Approach to Completely Solve Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks today are the biggest threat to organizations. That’s why IT administrators and managed service providers (MSPs) must use the best anti-phishing software on the market to protect their organizations. In this piece, we offer you a new approach to completely solve phishing attacks.

Before we learn about this new approach to completely solve phishing attacks, let’s learn how phishing attacks happen.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a cyber security attack that has recently become the biggest threat to organizations. Every day, attackers send fake emails to users by mimicking the sites they know and use (for example, G Suite ™, Microsoft 365 ™, AWS ™, GitHub, Zoom ®, and others).

In these emails, attackers try to persuade users to click on links to fake websites. Then they steal the user’s credentials and log into these sites on behalf of the users. After capturing the user’s credentials, they exploit them for their evil ambitions. The biggest problem is that end-users often use the same password on sites they actually use for their money and other businesses related to their intellectual property.

Most Common Anti-Phishing Solutions

Two kinds of solutions have become common in anti-phishing tools. Since there is no perfect solution, these two basic approaches help to minimize threats.

  • The first focuses more on email to detect phishing attempts. You can detect these attempts in many ways, including examining systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • The other method aims to educate end-users so they can detect phishing attempts. In this method, they teach the the end-user the general characteristics of phishing e-mails and is cautious in case of any attack. For example, if the link does not go to the same place as the site written in its name if the link says instead of; if the address in the link does not appear legitimate, or if the language or design of the e-mail does not resemble regular e-mails from the sender address. These are very small details, but a knowledgeable end-user can detect and eliminate such threats by training in this matter.

The biggest problem with these methods is that they do not offer a 100% effective solution. Despite these, the smallest mistake you make can cause great damage. IT administrators and MSPs need to be more careful against the rising trend of phishing attacks. But don’t worry, in this article, we offer you a different approach that can fundamentally solve phishing attacks.

An approach to completely solve phishing attacks

Thanks to this up-to-date approach that will completely solve phishing attacks, the need to update the credentials used on websites and access to applications through web links is eliminated.

With this method, end users change their passwords in a local, operating system-based application, and subsequent edits are sent to the required places using API calls when necessary. To access other websites, end users are redirected to a secure portal approved by the organization, using a password-free login.

Thanks to this development, end-users will stop paying attention to messages asking them to update their passwords or asking them to access the sites they use via links and e-mails. IT managers can also contribute to this improvement by disabling password updates via e-mail, enabling employees to update their passwords in a secure environment. With this implementation, you can reduce user significantly and IT administrators will be able to sleep without fear of their employees falling victim to any attack.

This way, phishing attacks will be stopped before they start.

What do we recommend to completely solve phishing attacks?

Approach to Completely Solve Phishing Attacks
Approach to Completely Solve Phishing Attacks

1. Respond faster to breaches using cyber threat intelligence tools.

Cyber Threat Intelligence tools examine the websites, looking for signs and information that could constitute a violation of your data privacy and a risk to your company. Because of the continuous attention provided to you by the Cyber Threat Intelligence, you can detect possible data breach faster and take protective steps immediately. The tool reduces the damages rising from malicious activity. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence tool constantly searches for popular malware and malicious sites to find any financial documents, credit card information, personal information (PII), domain addresses or IP’s, messages, credentials, email addresses, and data relating to intellectual property.

2. Detect possible phishing attempts with the incident response tools.

Even if you take all the actions to protect your company, you should be ready for malicious activity that could go undetected. Using regular security systems many phishing malware goes through the systems and sent into your employee’s inbox. The Incident Response tool makes it possible for people to report phishing messages easily. The users are able to send the header, subject, and any attachments of the message to us. We look for possible phishing details and report the results to you. You are able to scan and identify the users that are affected by the phishing attempt and take precautionary measures using our Incident Response tool.