What To Look For In A Phishing Attempt And How To Prevent Phishing
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What To Look For In A Phishing Attempt And How To Prevent Phishing

People get emails or text messages from attackers. These mislead people into giving attackers their confidential data every day. But there are many precautions that you can take to avoid these attacks. That’s why we give you what to look for in a phishing attempt.


Let’s see what to look for in a phishing attempt!

What To Look For In A Phishing Attempt
What To Look For In A Phishing Attempt

1- Attackers Focus On Stealing your Sensitive Data in Phishing Attempts

Attackers’ primary goals are to get your usernames, passwords, credit card details, or social security numbers. If they succeed, they can sign in to your email, credit card account, or other accounts. 

2- Attackers Behave As Legitimate Entities in Phishing Attempts

Attackers often change their tactics, however, there are some key features of these phishing emails or text messages that can help you prevent them from falling into their trap. They usually send these messages and emails pretending to be from someone you know. For example from a digital platform, a social media site, a bank, an application, an online service, or a firm that you are familiar with. 

3- Attackers Use Your Emotions in Phishing Attempts

The most important key feature of a phishing attempt is that they are tricking you to believe a made-up incident. They try to fool you and make you click on a button or an attachment. 

Attackers claim that:

  • There is an issue with your account or your payment details 
  • You must verify your personal details 
  • There’s a fraudulent bill that you have to pay.   
  • You need to follow the link on a page to make payments 
  • You are entitled to apply for something like a tax refund. 
  • There’s a special free discount deal for you
  • There are any unusual activities regarding your account 
  • Somebody is trying to log in to your account. 

Below we have an example of phishing emails and messages containing key features of phishing attempts. 

  • The email seems to be from an organization you are familiar with Let’s say it is from Amazon. It contains Amazon’s icon and banner.
  • It starts with “Hello good sir.” A corporate account wouldn’t certainly start with a standardized opening. 
  • They claim that your account is blocked because you forgot to make your payment.
  • It asks you to click on a link to make the payment.

These were the key features of phishing attempts. If you don’t pay enough attention, you may be tricked by this email. Attackers always claim to be something that they are not to make you believe in their scheme. If you believe and follow-through, the information you gave them may cause you many things. The company that the attackers are pretending to be, shares these results.

4- How To Prevent Phishing Attacks 

What To Look For In A Phishing Attempt
What To Look For In A Phishing Attempt

You can stop the attacks by offering minimal information. You should give information about the organization to workers unless it is required. There should be instant monitoring of any suspicious activity. You should test the behavior of the employee regularly.

Use Information Security Awareness Training

Give our team-developed security awareness training module a try. We offer various educational materials in several languages, such as HTML5 Security Training and Animation Training Videos, as well as additional materials such as flyers, screensavers, cyber security newsletters, phishing security tips, Ninjio Animation Training Videos, game-based modules. With our safety training, increase the workers’ cybersecurity awareness

 Try Free Simulated Phishing Tests

Our Phishing Simulation module offers customers special phishing email scenarios in 8 languages.  You can edit phishing email models and fraudulent phishing URLs for your company, or alter or customize them. Our product lets you test the sensitivity of your employees against phishing attacks. You can even make your users aware of how phishing emails look and what they need to do about fraudulent emails and domains. 

The consequences of these fake phishing attacks are very clear in the report. It is auto-generated and you can see the data about how many people have clicked on the fake email or the connection. 

Protect yourself using our anti-phishing solutions against these common attacks.




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