Slide We are the best Award Winning Gamed-based Training Our gamed-based cyber security awareness training module teach through repetition, failure and the accomplishment of goals. Your employees start their cybersecurity awareness training and gains in skill until they’re able to cleverly identify and contain cyber threats. Try for free Slide Phishing Simulation Service Deploy targeted simulated phishing emails to your employees in a benign environment. You are able to create a range of customisable targeted phishing emails and track user actions in a safe way without breaching privacy. Try for free Test your email service and its components (Antispam, Antivirus, APT Products) against the email threats to see your email vulnerability. Let's talk TEST YOUR EMAIL SECURITY INCIDENT RESPONSE Users are able to report suspicious emails with one click, sending suspicious emails for header, body and attachment analysis. Creating a variety of attack signatures for alarm generation or blocking active security devices, yoa car respond email attack more efficiently. Free Demo Cyber Threat IntellIgence Shorten the time between the potential data breach and your defensive response. Try free now THREAT SHARING Have a technology that expands threat intelligence data to others communities/users by leveraging the collective network knowledge, reducing costs, and accelerating implementation. Try free now | Cyber Security Awareness Training | Security Awareness | Information Security Awareness | Cyber Security Awareness



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Information Security Training

Effective Security Awareness Training - our security awareness training platform along with simulated phishing attacks, has been used more than 900.000 active users. Join us to fight against evolving social engineering attacks.

Phishing Simulation

Phish your users with our simulated phishing tests. Our simulated phishing attacks have thousands of phishing email templates that provided unlimited usage. Also, it is easy to create your own phishing template.

Test Your Anti-Virus or Sandbox Technology

Using our Email Threat Simulation, you are able to generate email attacks including ransomware, browser exploits, malicious code and attachments, and file format exploits to the test mailbox and check your vulnerability status.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We host technologies that provide open-source intelligence, social media intelligence, and intelligence from the deep and dark web. We scan the web, searching for signals and data that may be a breach of your data security. Join us to find out for any signals that may be a threat to your business!

Incident Response

using our incident response tool, you are able to identify and respond to email threats faster with automation, which provides your SOC team to respond to the most dangerous threats more quickly with inbox level analysis.

Threat Sharing

Threat Sharing technology acts as an early warning network for all participants and helps to start an inbox level incident reporting, investigation, and response giving users maximum agility against email threats. Join our Threat Sharing Community to block the latest malicious emails before it reaches you.
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